Get Radio-active at KEOS!

Critical Tasks: Volunteers Needed Now

Download Volunteer Application

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Volunteer Handbook

KEOS is interactive radio. We encourage you to participate in creating your community radio programming and services.

You do not need any previous radio experience to volunteer.

KEOS is made up entirely of volunteers who started out just like you . . . curious! Volunteer opportunities include (but are definitely NOT limited to) being a show host (or “DJ”), audio production, office help, event management and more.

From 2-20 hours a week, from short-term projects to long-term involvement, KEOS has a place for you!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Download a Volunteer Application.
  2. Fill it out.
  3. Email it to KEOS@KEOS.org
  4. Watch your email for a response!

Creating a Program Proposal for a Show

Volunteering at KEOS is a great way to learn about the mission, goals, and current programming needs of the station. Individually initiated program proposals are a crucial way for KEOS to acquire programming, so we encourage you to propose a show.

Training to become an approved programmer (also known as a host or “DJ”) takes 18-36 hours (self-paced training sessions).

Note: having a show is a 52-week per year commitment which requires approximately 2 hours each week in station duties in addition to your show and Fund Drives – so having a co-host can be a great help.

Things to Consider:

  1. Basic Information: What kind of program am I proposing? What’s an interesting/catchy name for this radio show?
  2. Length/Frequency of Program: How long will my program last? Our programs are almost all 2 hour weekly slots or 1 to 5 minute daily “mini-programs”
  3. Audience: Who’s listening to my program? What ages are they? What part of this community do they represent? How do I encourage a wider variety of listeners?
  4. Individual Resources: What will I be contributing to my program? Do I have enough music or materials to broadcast? Do I have people to interview? How much time will I devote to my program? How much time can I contribute to the station as a volunteer? Can I do additional duties around the station in addition to my show?
  5. KEOS Resources: What does the station need to provide to me? Does the station have enough money or equipment for my production needs? Does the station have enough music for my show? Do I need station staff to help me?
  6. Longevity of Program: How long can I produce this program? Do I have to leave the community for long breaks? How will I cover my program when I’m gone?
  7. Solo/Group Project: Is this program just for me, or are there others interested in producing with me? How many people will this project require? Am I interested in helping produce an organizational project?
  8. Uniqueness: Why does KEOS need my program? Is this something anybody can just walk in and produce, or is it something really special and wildly imaginative? Will there be others doing this same type of program? Are there other programs like this on other radio stations?
  9. Background of Programmer: Do I have lots of radio experience, or will I need more training? Do I have other applicable experience? How am I committed to this community?
  10. Relation to KEOS Mission: How specifically does my program relate to the KEOS mission statement and programming goals?
  11. Sponsorship/Underwriting/Fundraising: Do I know of an organization or local business who wants to sponsor this program? Are there any grant possibilities? How do I feel about on-air fundraising?
  12. Special Features: Can I bring in special guests to this program? Are there any special events in the community that I can connect with my program?
  13. Music Choices (if applicable): What are at least ten different artists that I would program into my show?

Volunteering benefits KEOS as well as the community. Learn how community radio works first hand! Download a Volunteer Application and get started.