Donate Equipment

KEOS is a small, all-volunteer, non-profit community radio station in Bryan/College Station, Texas. While we strive to put out a quality product, our budget is very limited and our equipment is charitably described as “vintage,” requiring repair on a near-daily basis.

We are asking for equipment that you are no longer using – left over when your equipment was upgraded to a better/faster/easier-to-use system. In most cases, we need the equipment to be working, or repairable. In particular, our immediate radio needs include:

  • Logitek custom audio series console (board) parts, modules in particular.
  • Replacement audio console (board) for production room.
  • Stereo Studio-Transmitter Link (STL) system.
  • Computer voice-assist system and/or automation system.
  • PC (Pentium or more recent) or Mac (Power Mac or more recent) computers.
  • Professional sound cards (or other parts: hard drives, hubs, monitors, CD drives, etc.)
  • UPS (Uninterruptible power supply)
  • Professional quality microphones, CD players, speakers, turntables, VCR
  • We also are in need of non-technical items: blank paper, light bulbs, pens, etc.

If you can help by donating equipment or offering a grant for equipment, contact:

Lance Parr
Chief Engineer
KEOS Community Radio
PO Box 78
College Station, TX 77841-0078

Phone: 979-779-KEOS (5367)