Students Sing Out in the Bryan High School Choir

Choir is one of the many activities in the The Department of Fine Arts in Bryan ISD and at Bryan High School over 200 students participate in a Choir  program centered around singing, connecting with their audience and learning to perform before an audience.  All singers in the program are members of a traditional choir consisting of 200 students and are also members of several smaller choirs of 30 to 40 members depending on their level of experience and interest.  Some also are part of a smaller contemporary a cappella ensemble called Vocal Legacy which is similar to the Arlington, Texas based group Pentatonix that includes not only singing but also beat boxing and other sounds that can be made with the human body   Students who enroll in the program bring with them varying levels of experience singing ranging from considerable to none at all.  Through an audition process each is placed in an appropriate level ranging from training to advanced that determines the choir that they will be in.  Students are evaluated and earn grades based on their progress as a singer towards reaching their potential and their contribution to the larger group. While there are competitive opportunities within the program the main emphasis is on helping students develop their talent, learn to perform, and develop a lifelong love of vocal music.  Each year the Bryan High School Choir presents an annual holiday event in the Blue Commons area at Bryan High School called A Feast of Carols.  The event normally includes a dinner and funds raised from ticket sales benefit a scholarship fund for the students.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year’s event will not include a dinner, but it will be conducted live and in-person with safety precautions in place.  It starts on Thursday December 10 and will run each evening through Monday December 14th.  Tickets are free with a suggested donation being accepted for the scholarship fund and are available now online at until they are sold out.

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