Safety and Service Are Top Priorities for Bryan ISD Transportation

Bryan ISD Transportation Director Warren Lanphier joined Public Outreach Officer Dr. Hugo Ibarra in the KEOS studio this week to talk about the logistics of getting all of the in-person learners in Bryan ISD to school and back home every school day.  
Using a fleet of 145 buses traveling over 10,000 miles each day with over 100 routes covering an area of over 450 square miles in Bryan and Brazos County, Bryan ISD Transportation safely and efficiently serves every eligible Bryan ISD student who needs a ride, free of charge.  New buses featuring seat belts, wrap-around high back seats and driver assist technology such as lane departure warning and collision avoidance systems are being phased in.  Cameras and GPS technology allow Bryan ISD Transportation to track the exact location of and monitor all buses and other Bryan ISD vehicles at all times.  New travel buses featuring stunning artwork for both Bryan and Rudder High Schools are joining the fleet as well.  Each day drivers and mechanics perform comprehensive safety checks and sanitize each bus.  From Benchley to South College Station Bryan ISD buses are on the road every school day driven by highly trained and closely monitored drivers who place the safety and welfare of every child first.  Always.. 
Transportation is available to all students who choose to opt for in-person learning at a school during the next six weeks period.  Parents and guardians should watch for messages from Bryan ISD and follow the instructions if they wish to make a change.  Those who would like to continue their current arrangement, be it at-home learning or in-person learning at a Bryan ISD campus need do nothing.
To learn more about Transportation Services in Bryan ISD visit the Transportation Services web site or call the Transportation Services office at (979) 209-7130.