Reflections As The Bryan ISD 2020-2021 School Year Draws To A Close

Tomorrow is the last day of the 2020-2021 School Year in the Bryan Independent School District and Bryan ISD Public Outreach Officer Dr. Hugo Ibarra was joined by Bryan ISD student Caroline McCall to look back on the year.  Through many challenges brought about by COVID-19 students have adjusted as Teachers and multitudes of unsung behind the scenes heroes have worked hard to allow a safe return to the classroom this school year.  As restrictions are lifted following recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, Texas Education Agency, the Texas Governor and local health authorities there will be more of a sense of normalcy next year.  Dr. Ibarra highlighted some of the successes of the past year as over 90% of the students returned to the classroom for in-person instruction, shared plans for the new school year in the fall, and recognized all of the Bryan ISD Departments that worked tirelessly this year to bring the students back.  He also recognized and thanked all of the teachers who will be bringing to a close their careers as educators tomorrow as they retire after many years of service.  Bryan High School Junior Caroline McCall spoke about how she and other students have adjusted and shared her enthusiasm as she looks forward to her Senior year with restored routines.  Both expressed optimism that the 2021-2022 school year will see the return of even more events and activities.
As we bring to a close the 2020-2021 school year we thank everyone who has tuned in to KEOS every Thursday morning at 7:45 for news and information about the Bryan Independent School District.  In the past we’ve taken a break during the summer and resumed broadcasts in the fall as the new school year stats, but his year we will continue during the summer as we endeavor to showcase and highlight some of the past year’s events and have an opportunity to meet some of the Bryan ISD teachers, students and staff who were unable to join us during the school year.  We hope that you’ll join us next Thursday during the first week of the summer break!