KEOS remembers John Lennon 40 year after his death

Sounds of The Beatles Expanded airs on Sundays at 9PM. The Host, Carol, usually plays music of The Beatles and the artists who cover their hits, as well as the masterpieces created by each member after their breakup. 

Sunday, December 13th, however, Carol will be playing the music of John Lennon to remember his life and music, and his contribution to humanity through his activism. KEOS invites you pay tribute. Listen online, or tune in to KEOS 89.1 FM on Sunday, December 13th from 9PM to 11PM, with live host Carol. 


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“Hi everyone – It’s hard to believe John has been gone for 40 years. Celebrate and remember John Lennon on Sunday 12/13/20 from 9pm to 11pm. I’ll be your host on KEOS 89.1. Listen on or TuneIn. Peace” 
– Carol