Bryan ISD Prepares for the Future with 2020 Bond

As Bryan grows and enrollment increases the Bryan Independent School district is asking voters to vote on a $175 million bond package to fund expansion and improvements in five key areas:  Safety & Security, New Construction and Additions, Priority Maintenance, Fine Arts Improvements and Land Purchases.  Bryan ISD Chief of Staff Ginger Carrabine visited the KEOS studios to talk about the process that Bryan ISD uses to determine needs based on projected growth and anticipated student enrollment, plan for expansion, and through input from students, parents, teachers, Administrators, school board members produce a plan.  Through formation of a steering committee that met seven times and considered information from demographers data, projected enrollment, capacity and utilization of buildings as well as results of a needs survey and input from department heads a  $175 million bond package was recommended and accepted by the Bryan ISD Board of Trustees.  This is a follow up to the smaller “fix it now” bond from last year that addressed urgent needs and is part of the “Two Bonds, One Vision” plan,  New construction and additions, including a third Intermediate School campus, are included.  Mrs. Carrabine made clear that passage of the bond will not increase the tax rate, contrary to some confusing language that appears on the ballot.  Investment in the public school system through building new facilities, expansion and maintenance of existing facilities reflects positively on Bryan.  Passage of this bond will help Bryan ISD stand out among other ISDs in the area and add value to the community.

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