Bryan ISD Board of Trustees Member Felicia Benford: Inspired to Serve

Bryan Native Felicia Benford serves on the Bryan ISD Board of Trustees.  She represents Single Member District 1 which includes Palasota and Back Streets near Downtown Bryan.  She graduated from Bryan High School and has two sons who also graduated from Bryan High. Through her position on the Bryan ISD Board of Trustees she and her fellow Trustees make decisions that affect every aspect of the Bryan Independent School District, all with the best interests of the students in mind.  Through her interaction with students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders she gathers input that helps her to make the best decisions possible.  When asked, as a Bryan ISD Trustee, what education means to her she stated that “it’s not just in a classroom, not just school,” and “it starts at home.”  She stated that the goal is “education of the whole person,” and that education starts at home and continues at school, “it’s taking place all the time and not just in a classroom.”  From time in the library, to athletics in school, and community events such as First Friday in Downtown Bryan students are learning.  Having been a student herself in the Bryan ISD she says that one of her favorite things about going to school was seeing her friends.  In Bryan ISD she had teachers and principals who really cared about the students and made her feel safe.  She cites her Father Melvin Taylor as the most influential person in her life.  A family man who always wanted better for his family he taught her to always strive for the best, not only for herself but others.  Her favorite teacher was Mrs. Ribardo, who at Bryan High School instilled in her the love of reading.  From Mrs. Ribardo she learned that “If you read, you can go anywhere you want to go” and “be anyone you want to be.”  In her 35 year professional career as a Senior Officer Specialist in the Custody Department at Federal Women’s Prison Camp Bryan she brings special insight about what can happen when bad decisions are made.  She said that many of the ladies that she’s known through their incarceration might have wound up somewhere else if they had been inspired, knew that they had good options, and were encouraged.  Given the chance to have any job for a day in the Bryan ISD she said that she would choose to be an Elementary School Librarian so that she could see every student that came to the library on that day and “put a book in their hand.”

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