About Us

KEOS 89.1 FM is YOUR Listener Sponsored, Commercial-Free, Non-Profit, All-Volunteer Community Radio for the Brazos Valley.

Our Mission

KEOS is committed to the creation of radio broadcasting by and for a public of diverse cultures, ages, income levels, and backgrounds, under-served and under-represented by other area media.

KEOS shall provide musical, cultural, and informational programming that celebrates and expresses the diversity of the community. It shall provide a voice for groups in the community that may otherwise go unheard, sustaining a forum for alternative points of view on local, national, and international issues, with particular awareness to women, students, labor, minorities, and other public interest constituencies. KEOS will promote understandings between cultures and serve as a catalyst for positive social change within the community.

KEOS will provide programming, access, and training to the community, with significant participatory opportunities to students of Texas A&M University, Blinn Community College and other area schools and colleges.


KEOS 89.1 FM is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensed non-commercial educational radio station which began broadcasting on March 25, 1995!




KEOS 89.1 FM Brazos Educational Radio is a non-profit educational and cultural organization with 501(c)3 tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.


KEOS proudly continues and is completely locally supported by members like you with pledges, donations, underwriting, and volunteering as well as The Arts Council of Brazos Valley. Thank you!


Our programming is produced by and for the people…


We believe in the power of community public radio


We provide different points of view as an alternative to mainstream sound bites.


We encourage direct participation of the community through an open door policy—everyone’s opinion counts!


KEOS is an NPR and PRI affiliate, providing programming such as World Cafe, Economic Update, Democracy Now, Texas Standard in additional to the large quantity of quality local programming.


News and information from around the world including the BBC news and Free Speech Radio News. Music from Folk to Rock, from Bluegrass to Trance, American Indian (Native American/First Peoples) to Music from India and the subcontinent, Cajun to Texas Roots, Blues to Tejano, West Coast Live to live music from our studios, and more.


We are educators. By offering a variety of tonal, rhythmic and harmonic styles, KEOS educates listeners about music. We also provide educational programming such as Bioneers, Sprouts, Latino USA, and more.

We provide a venue for diverse opinions and lively debate, challenging the status quo and stretching the thought process of our listeners. KEOS encourages local and regional singers, musicians, actors, and other artisans of sound.


  • We promote local, state, and national live music concerts.
  • We serve the under-served, such as minorities and youth through music, news, & information
  • We involve our listeners, with candidate forums, interactive talk, and volunteerism.
  • Community PSA’s, League of Women Voters Voters Forums.
  • We encourage participation from community speakers regarding public information.
  • We have an open door policy. Everyone can participate, whether on the air or behind the scenes.


We do not subscribe to the Arbitron Ratings. Our demographic information is gathered through surveys and listener opinion. Through that medium, we have determined that a great majority of our listeners surveyed have some college experience. We are supported by many local University students and professors. KEOS Brazos Educational Radio Programming is designed to reach people of all economic segments. Our listenership age and ethnicity fluctuates, according to the type of programming we offer. Overall, our listeners age ranges from 18 to 85, and ethnicity includes Hispanic, Anlgo, Black, Jewish, Asian, Indian, Arab, and many more. We also specifically cater to both male and female listeners by providing specific programming for each gender, and a variety of programming focusing on diverse culture, race and origin.


  • We offer local inforamtional programming such as A Family Affair,  The Gospel Express, and more with local conversation and dialogue with people from the community where listeners are invited to call and join in the conversation.
  • We provide different points of view as an alternative to mainstream sound bites with such programming as FSN, Free Speech Radio, Democracy Now!, Making Contact, Latino USA, On Being, and KEOS is a PRI affiliate
  • We offer stories and commentaries with national programs like World Cafe, West Coast Live, and Global Village.
  • We offer a variety of “mini” informational programming and commentary like Bird Notes and Feature Story News.