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New Show for Late Night Listeners

Open Mic Night at KEOS, hosted by Noelle Simon, made its debut on April 30th and will air each Saturday from 10-11pm.

Poets, musicians and artists who make our area unique come in to share their work with the community.

Listen and Enjoy!!

KEOS 2016 Spring On-Air Fund Drive

This year’s Spring On-Air Fund Drive will be

March 25 – April 10 with a goal of $10,000

Your gift will be doubled by promised Matching Funds

Support YOUR Favorite Show!! 

 CALL 979-779-5367  



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–The all-volunteer team at KEOS



KEOS celebrates . . .

Quiet neighborhood, hospitable home, congenial people enjoying companionship, burritos, beer and live music. And an almost full moon to light the drive home. What could be better than that!! If you were there, thank you for attending…hope you had a wonderful, enjoyable time.

Thanks also to musicians Ben Morris and the Great American Boxcar Chorus for contributing their outstanding talents. (

All are welcome at KEOS events. If you missed this one and would like to have a reminder of the next, please email Krista May, Board President, with your name and email address.

Let’s kick off 2016 in style!!

Greetings! We hope that your new year is off to a great start.  As we 
anticipate another busy year for all-volunteer, community radio, we 
thought the best way to kick off 2016 is with a house party and 

The Board of Directors invites you to join us for a fundraising party 
on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 7:00-9:00 PM, at the home of KEOS Board 
member Kevin O'Sullivan and Sarah Potvin, 1117 Terrace Dr.,Bryan, TX.

We'll have plenty of food and drinks, and Ben Morris and the Great
 American Boxcar Chorus ( will be performing. 
For a $25 donation at the door, you can join us as we party for KEOS and  
community radio.

In order to assist us with planning, please e-mail the Board at by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, to let us know you plan to 

It's our first party of 2016, so please join us as we begin our 21st year, 
and counting,  on air!
Best wishes,

Krista May, Kevin O'Sullivan, and Bucky Bachmeyer
KEOS Board of Directors

Thank You

KEOS listeners

for a wonderful 20th year on air.

Happy Holidays

¡¡And Here’s to a Great 2016 for All of Us!!

KEOS Year-End Fund Drive is Under Way….Will You Please Help?

Go to…call 979-779-5367…mail to P.O.Box 78, College Station TX 77841….stop by 202 E.Carson, Bryan

KEOS plays a vital part in RADIO M*A*S*H* Make*A*Smile*Happen 2015

Seven Thousand One Hundred –7,100 – requests for toys… Sounds like quite a tall order, and it is. The army of volunteers who will collect, clean, sort, repair if necessary, bag and deliver these toys to the hundreds of schools, churches and service organizations who placed the orders are not daunted. They had filled all 7,100 requests by 11:00 p.m. Sunday.

The toys move with almost military precision through an assortment of tents set up in the parking lot at Post Oak Mall in College Station, which provide plenty of space for the painstaking processes.

First, of course, comes collection as motorists drive up to drop off toys, checks and even cash. No clothing is accepted—just toys. All not in original boxes are cleaned, and all batteries are replaced, used or new. Sorting by age and gender comes next, and then choosing the exact toys to fill each wish list, which was personally created by one specific child.

This wonderful event has been going on for more than thirty years and, for about ten of those years, KEOS has had a huge hand in making it happen. Who calls upon the community to come to the Mall with toys? The DJs from Brazos Valley Communication’s five commercial radio stations: The Texas Country Original KORA 98.3 FM, Radio Alegria KTAM 1240, 101.9 The Beat KBXT, Classic Hits 107.3 KAPN, and ESPN 103.9 KJXJ broadcasting live from the Mall.

Who keeps them on air by running their boards back at the station? KEOS volunteers. Lance Parr, KEOS chief engineer, keeps a watchful eye and does his turn on the boards, as experienced DJs Jay Brakefield, H. Alan Montgomery, Carole Davis-Rios; newly-minted DJs Alex Rubio, Chris Larkin, Nicole Gallucci; and intern Madison Wichterich make sure no dead air happens as programming shifts seamlessly from live to station and back to live. Not as simple as it sounds.

Make*A*Smile*Happen began in 1984. The name, M*A*S*H, and the military theme, are a nod to the TV show of that name on air at that time, which recognized the degree to which military doctors enhanced the well-being of the troops during the Vietnam War. The hope going forward is that RADIO M*A*S*H now can enhance the well-being – and Christmas Cheer – of the Brazos Valley’s most vulnerable children.

Congratulations and thanks to Brazos Valley Communication for spearheading this massive undertaking and to all the volunteers and businesses who give toys, talent, time, batteries, food, advertising and money to make it happen.

And congratulations and thanks to the KEOS volunteers who spend many hours on BVC boards over four long days and still manage to keep their own shows – and KEOS – on air as well.

–Audrey Patton,   KEOS Volunteer Reporter

A profit-sharing evening …


          & KEOS Radio 89.1FM

December 10th, from 5 to 9 pm

                                 TELL THE CASHIER – “THIS IS FOR KEOS”                      

830 E University Drive, College Station -­‐ By the Fountain


Lively and energetic, the lilting Celtic melodies helped banish the chill as KEOS supporters came in from the breezy, chilly evening to the welcoming warmth of friendship and fellowship that greeted us as we gathered at Linda and Norman Guinasso’s quietly elegant home to celebrate the final Board of Directors fundraiser of the station’s 20th anniversary year. Many thanks to the Guinassos for hosting such a successful and enjoyable event.

Many thanks also to ContraDiction for providing the highly entertaining music and to  H-E-B  (  for donating the delectable edibles. Texas-based businesses and local artists are crucial to the success of community radio, and we appreciate their continued support.

Crucial also is the continued support of the community, so of course, many thanks to those who attended the party. We’ve enjoyed getting to meet so many of our listeners during KEOS’s 20th anniversary year.

It’s been a great 2015, and now, here’s looking forward to 2016 and beyond!!

From All the Volunteers at KEOS                                              url

YOUR invitation . . .

Dear Friend of KEOS:

The Board of Directors invites you to join us for a fundraising party
on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2015, 6:30-9:00 PM, at the home of Linda and
Norman Guinasso (713 Willow Loop, College Station, TX 77845).

We'll have plenty of food and drinks (thanks to a generous donation
from HEB), and local band ContraDiction will be performing. For a $25
donation at the door, you can join us as we party for KEOS and
community radio.

In order to assist us with planning, please e-mail the Board at by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, to let us know you plan to attend. 

If your plans change and you can make it (even if you haven't RSVP'd),  please 
do join us. We always plan for extra!  Responding early, though, does help us plan.

As many of you know, KEOS is celebrating its 20th birthday this year,
and we want to make the Board's last fundraiser of the year a good
one! We look forward to seeing you on November 21.

Best wishes,

Krista May, Kevin O'Sullivan, and Bucky Bachmeyer
KEOS Board of Directors