This morning at 11:28 A.M. the Chief Engineer Lance Parr made a visual inpesction for what was originally thought to be a power failure but, further investigation revealed antenna problems. Shorty after 12 noon today, a visual inspection of the antenna site show the tower having virtually no signal transmitting from the tower.

This indicates a very serious problem with the antenna or the transmission line that feeds it. The cause is no doubt weather related, over the past 24 hours we’ve had almost continual high winds (at the height of the antenna) and intermittent driving rain. Lance, the Chief Engineer is speculating that there may be some mechanical damage from the high wind gusts or water has penetrated into one of the connections between the transmission line and the antenna elements.

A tower technician has been contacted to climb the tower and inspect the antenna and transmission line. The tower technician is on standby to climb as soon as the weather permits, however that could be days from now.

In the mean time, Lance is working on linking the KEOS Internet Stream directly with programming so that KEOS is available via Internet stream directly from the KEOS web site or Tune In Radio.

Further updates will post here once more information is available.